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This is Imagiris' goal. Bringing new and high quality image processing techniques to the public. Scroll down for comparisons with existing tools, an image is worth a thousand words. Or click on start to launch the application.
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Best Image Enlargement
The simplest example is to take a look at the Wiki logo from Wikipedia webpage on scaling. To illustrate real life examples, an eye was zoomed in order to show how the dynamics of the image are preserved, look closely at the eye reflexion and the skin texture. Then the last example is a coin, again the results speak for themselves.
Original Cubic Zoom Imagiris
Zoom Imagiris
Eye Cubic Zoom Zoom Imagiris
Breathtaking Image Denoising
Just compare the quality, I used the remove noise menu in Photoshop Elements to have a point of comparison. The Imagiris denoising preserves the details better and removes more noise (actually close to all of it).
Original Photoshop Imagiris
What's Imagiris ?

Digital image zooming typically reduces the sharpness of an image and makes it look blurred. Everyone has used the built-in digital zoom of a camera and was surprised by how blurred or fuzzy it makes the pictures look. Expensive tools exist for professional photographers and forensic use but not everyone can afford them.

Refocusing is basically limited to complex photoshop plug-ins which are difficult to operate and generate questionable results, on the other hand of there are tools available for astronomy but are limited to the telescopes lenses. So there's not even much available for anyone to refocus their photos.

Denoising is often associated with loss of details, because simple techniques remove both noise and details due to their inability to separate them. Advanced techniques have been developed by academic researchers but are not available to the casual user.

Imagiris brings high definition zoom, refocusing and denoising for everyone and for free. Not only our techniques compare to expensive professional ones, but they also outperforms them, just try it for yourself. After all it's free :)

How does it work ?
To enlarge an image just follow the Start now button near the top of the page. The web application will load and let you upload your picture. Then you can magnify it by a ratio from 1 to 2. It will also let you remove subtle noise that may be unnoticeable in the original picture but could become apparent once enlarged. You can also adjust the focus and you can denoise your image.


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07/02/10: We're moving to a different hosting company. If you have problem, make sure you clear your web browser cache, see faq.
01/01/10: New design
12/30/09: Fixed bug in web based image loading. Now more images can be passed to Imagiris.
08/21/09: Image refocusing & denoising
08/16/09: Research page. Read more
07/08/08: Imagiris Firefox AddOn ! Read more
05/08/08: Enhanced GIF image quality, fixed bug for 4X zoom.
31/07/08: Arbitrary zoom ratio now available.
27/07/08: web links are now allowed to pass images.
26/07/08: Improved zoom quality and fixed a few bugs.
27/06/08: Denoising feature, works well with JPEG. Read more
22/06/08: Version 1.0

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